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Pokimono: Tsubaki's personality scale by ArtsySnail
Pokimono: Tsubaki's personality scale
I figured this was a good meme to start off with, so I could also get a better grip of her character ^^

The blank meme is here
Papertexture from here

Tsubaki's app
Characters and art (c) Me
Pokimono: Maede Tsubaki by ArtsySnail
Pokimono: Maede Tsubaki
I just cannot stay away from this group ;;;; <3

Name: Maeda Tsubaki 前田椿

Pokemon: Florges

Age: 21 (bday: 14 may)

Village: Gale Spring

Job: Aprentice scholar

Ability: Flower Veil - Prevents lowering of ally Grass-type Pokémon's stats.

Vine Whip - Tsubaki can summon two vines from her lower back which she could use to attack, but more often she uses them to help herself in her everyday life, holding books and picking up items from high shelves. Her vines have a reach of 3m
Aromatherapy - Tsubaki has been studying aromatherapy for several years. She developed many benificial scents and always carries several around with her in case they're needed. She can also release soothing scents from the flowers in her hair, tho these are less effective.

- Flowers and flowergardens
- Sweets
- "Magic" (basically anything psychic pokemon can do)
- Bugs
- Sun
- Reading
- High quality fabric

- Forrests (the tall trees block out the sun for flowers)
- Vain people (tho she can be quite vain as well)
- People who judge her based on her looks

Though Tsubaki is very serious when it comes to her studies and reading, her personality besides that can be far from serious. She can be pretty cheecky and loves to joke around with people. She is quite vain and though she hates it when people expect her to be nothing more than just a pretty face, she loves the satisfaction it gives when she proves how smart she is. She sometimes takes this a bit too far, making her come off as a know-it-all.

Tsubaki was born on a sunny day in spring to a Florges mother and a Venussaur father. Her parents were quite wealthy traders and owned a large garden in one of the many provinces in the Jade Empire. They grew flowers and herbs to sell and also had a small vegetable garden to feed their family and household. During her birth, the camellia flowers were in full bloom, so her parents decided to name her after them. The birth went well and her father, mother and two brothers were very happy with the new adition to their family.
Growing up, Tsubaki had it pretty easy. Due to her family being quite wealthy, she recieved a good education and learned to read and write at a young age. The moment she learned to read, she never stopped. She loved reading: stories, poems at first, when she got older she started reading for studies. First she studied plants, as they were her family's trade. Then herbs, for healing, aromatherapy, and such. Then she moved on to astronomy, philosophy, mathematics, gathering as much knowledge as she could.
When she wasn't reading and studying Tsubaki loved playing outside with her two elder brothers. Her eldest brother Daiki was 5 years older than her, her other brother Noaki 2 years. Daiki was the loudest of the bunch, he often got them in trouble for playing rough. Tsubaki had no problem following along, while Noaki was a lot more hesitant and quiet, preffering to read and study. When he was 12, Noaki was given to the local monestary to become a monk, as was a local custom. His family doesnt get to see him often, but he is very happy there. 
Daiki was quite the ladies man, much to his parents' displeasure. To contain the damage he might do to the family reputation, his parents arranged a marriage for him at 17, much to his dismay. He protested some at first, but went along with it as a good son ought to (and he found out that his betrothed was very beautiful). Having been married for 9 years now, he is very happy with his Roserade wife and 3 children, working with his parents and taking over when they retire.
Tsubaki evolved into a floette at 10 years old, much to her excitement. If it was up to her, she would become a florges right away. She had always looked up to her mother, who was a exceptionally beautiful woman, and looked forward to becoming as beautiful as her. On her 16th birthday, her parents gifted her a shiny stone, just as her mother's parents had done at her 16th birthday. She was beyond herself with excitement and evolved right away. She felt great the first week, but when the new excitement had worn off, she started to notice things. People started treating her differently. They looked at her, especially men, with a certain look in their eyes. She noticed her parents had private conversations more often and she often got invited to families with sons who were conveniently around her age. It didn't take her long to realise that she was now of age to get married, something she didn't quite feel much for. She decided to take the taurus by the horns and confronted her parents about this. It was hard, but she managed to talk her parents into letting her leave home to travel and learn, but only if she promised to come back in 5 years. 
She first traveled the Jade Empire for a year, visiting her brother where she stayed for 5 months to study. She then traveled through the Soul Empire for two years. She was there when Ylvetal attacked and helped the people there rebuild after the attacks. A few of the people she met there decided to travel to the Sun Empire, so she decided to join them on their way. Entering the land, they parted ways. Tsubaki decided to settle in Gale Spring, to further her studies.

Additional info: 
- When she turned 8, her parents gave her a chikorita tha she named Habu. She always took care of it well and when she was working to aid the village when attacked by Ylvetal, it evolved into a bayleef. 
- Tsubaki's style is usually very practical and simplistic, garmentwiste. She loves intricate fabric designs and often roams the market to find beautiful fabric to have clothing made of.
- Tsubaki's vines sprout from her upperback, between her shoulderblades. Her clothing is made to accomodate them and she either has them come from over her shoulders or slip through her sleeves.
- The flowers in her hair actually grow there. They are somewhat linked to her mood, if she is having a bad period, they will wilt, if she's having period, more will bloom.

Characters and art (c) Me
Florges (c) Nintendo
Pokecitia - Zoe's uniform by ArtsySnail
Pokecitia - Zoe's uniform
She's not happy about the skirt, but the pants don't fit her because of her legshape...

Zoe (c) Me
Scraggy (c) Nintendo


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